1 slab pork belly (or 4-5 pounds cubed)

about 12 cups vegetable oil (see below)

cajun seasoning

smoked paprika


  1. If using a whole slab, cube the pork belly into about 1 inch cubes, set aside.

  2. In a very large pot (i used a 12 quart cast iron), pour oil about 2 inches deep. the amount of oil will vary spending on your pot size, so adjust accordingly!

  3. Heat the oil to 200° F, and drop in the pork. Stir continuously, until it begins to develop some color. about 15-20 minutes.

  4. Remove and drain on a brown paper bag (dad's rule, not mine!) Dust with some cajun seasoning.

  5. Heat oil to 400° F and fry the pork again, but in batches this time. Fry for about a minute and a half to 4 minutes (depending on your temp, be careful, they can burn easily!)

  6. Remove and drain again, on more paper. Season to taste with cajun seasoning and paprika! let cool slightly and crunch away!!🖤

TIP: when frying the second time, i found it was better to use a basket or a large wired spoon to keep the pork off the bottom of the pot. When mine touched the bottom, they burned!

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