Hey y'all! Welcome to my site, I'm so glad you've decided to check it out! My name is Brittany, I'm 25 and from Louisiana. I grew up in Kinder, Louisiana and moved in 2018 to live with my husband in NWLA. My recipes are a culmination of what I grew up on and what I've come to learn when I moved away from home. Moving provided me with a chance for culinary exposure I never knew growing up. I take a lot of pride in what I give to y'all and love that y'all allow me to share my love for cooking. I love my family, coffee, spooky thangs, and SOUP! I'm a simple girl, honestly :)

I graduated in 2018 from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA with a degree in Agribusiness. So I have no formal culinary training; most of what I know has come from my parents, other creators, and A LOT of trial and error. (if you know me, well, y'all know I keep my first aid kit handy!)

My husband and I welcomed our little dude, JL, back in December of 2021! I grew up with lots of siblings; both biological and foster (I may be a little biased but my parents have hearts of gold). So you'll quickly notice that my recipes tend to make HUGE portions and there aren't any serving sizes or nutritional information. Most of my meals have a bit of sentiment behind them, there's usually a story or a memory attached to it and that's what I love about cooking. I'm able to project my love for my family and the memories from my childhood into creating delicious meals that I so luckily get to share with you guys! 

I started TikTok without knowing where we would end up. Everyday I find myself flooded with emotions over the sheer amount of support and love I receive from complete strangers on the internet (CRAZY, right?!). 

Welcome to my happy place, I hope you love it here. 

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